Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A Red Zeppelin Eve

"And baby, baby, baby do you like it?"

As a matter of fact, I really very truly do.

S.C. Pannell 2013 Grenache Shiraz Touriga. A dreamboat of sweet cherry goodness that with lamb, lemon, rosemary and a light rocket salad make for a delight. Esp. in the sun with Zeppelin playing.

I came across it yesterday in McLaren Vale while on a wine day out with these dolls:

Babes, huh?

We indulged in a picnic at Alpha Box and Dice, and then visited Samuel's Gorge and the newly opened cellar door of S.C. Pannell. As for Mr Pannell, he's a very great winemaker with a high rep to match. Is little wonder. His wines are made with the utmost of care: mostly free run juice and gently handled to extract the purity of fruit and freshness that seriously reflects the best of what the McLaren Vale region has to offer.

"I try to create wines that suit our climate and way of life - wines to drink with the food we grow, make and eat in Australia," - Pannell.

Ditto to that.

S.C. Pannell.

The blend consists of 69% Grenache, 18% Shiraz, 8% Touriga and 5% Mataro - varieties of which all thrive in the region's Mediterranean climate. The lesser known variety, Touriga, is actually a Portugese variety which adds a kick of plum pudding, dried spices and floral notes. These traits, combined with the medium weight and confectionery notes from the Grenache, make this wine the perfect red wine to enjoy over the warm Australian Christmas.

On another note, I can't seem to get Jingle Bells out of my head. With that in mind...

Happy drinking and Merry Christmas x

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