Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Harvest moon

Wine and music. It’s a damn fine fit, especially when compared with skinny black jeans on hips after a very indulgent winter. 

I’ve always wondered about pairing wine with music; is Pinot Noir better suited to Neil Young on a cold rainy day or ... there's really no comparison.

Nevertheless, when pairing wine and music I can’t help but think of the specifics: the weather, the emotion, the company (or lack thereof) and the colours outside the window. And, of course, why you’ve decided to crack open a bottle of vino; the reason beyond curiosity and enjoyment.

Seems I’m not the only one to have such thoughts. Three young female musos, with lives now in Europe, have travelled back to their home country, Australia, to present their show, Oz Cabaret, as part of Adelaide’s Fringe Festival.

The trio – Sarah, Katrina and Jessie – draw on their experiences of tried relationships, family turmoil and warm nostalgic memories to present an interactive show brought to life as they turn their stories into live music and match their songs with different wines.

Pianist Sarah Regan, violinist Katrina Kirkwood and accordionist Jessie Jean.

“It’s an honest account of our lives with wine and how wine has impacted us,” says Katrina.

It gets better – they’re also working to take the snobbery out of wine tasting.

“We’re not experts and we don’t claim to be. It’s about offering a bit of education with a personal approach to make for an experience that everyone can relate to.”

One of the best parts is the engagement with the audience; everyone is provided with a tasting sheet with questions. Not questions about aroma or texture, but rather personal questions that make you reflect on your past and relate specific experiences to your vino.

Cool beans, indeed. And it is – the wine is terrif, representing different flavours from the Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale and the Barossa (though I did wish there was more of le vino). It's also a top performance by the girls; they can all sing above their weight and know how to belt the heart out of their instruments.

This is a show I’d take a spunky girl or boy to see on an innocent Tuesday evening.

For more on the girls, visit their site here.