Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Moon over la Gabriella

One, two, three, four. That's how many grey hairs I pulled out of my 25-year-old head this morning in the workplace bathroom. Three to be exact; I had to ask the sales manager to pluck the fourth one out because it was too short. If that's not the lamest thing then I don't know what!

It's been somewhat of a while since I bashed out some words on my latest wine tasting extravaganza. But since you're busting to go to the toilet I'll keep my answer as short as I feel like.

I've tasted a lot of different wines over the past month or so. Some good, some mediocre. But, alas, I haven't tasted a wine that makes me want to ...

Then one day I was browsing through the various wines at the bottle-o when I saw a familiar face. A wine I once had and enjoyed. A goodie.

Not just any goodie, of course. I’m thinking the kind of wine that leaves an impression; the vino that takes you back to the moment you first tasted it, to the vivid memories of the time, place, company, the smell and the rain.

The who, what, when, where, why and how - all of which can come to life by an individual bottle of wine.

I didn’t think the wine was mind-blowingly run-around-naked fantastic, either. Of course it wasn’t just ordinary. It was just a good drop. A really good drop, of sentiment, if you will. Like An affair to remember.

Talk about a movie you can set your watch to.

St Hallett Barossa Faith Shiraz 2009.

Lively red fruits on the nose and the palate, complemented with the perfect amount of spice and oak, this is a classic Barossa Shiraz, truly representative of the region from which it was grown.

Twenty or so bucks a bottle and easily accessible (at most bottle shops as well as online), this is a wine to live and enjoy.

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