Saturday, 16 June 2012

Gluhwein. Wunderbar!

Last night I was introduced to a wine. This was no ordinary wine (ordinary wine, there's no such thing!). Picture a hot pot of red wine, infusing with orange, cloves, cinnamon and other delectable spices, simmering on the stove. Of course I'm talking about Gluhwein - a very, very German treat, best sipped under the Christmas tree.

How very wunderbar, I thought... kind of. Perhaps not at the start, but you see I had been mentally preparing my palate for a glass of rosé, so it's only natural it was a surprise to the senses. Alas! I warmed to it. As I should. After all, I am half Cherman.

After a long night of Gluhwein, I woke up and immediately decided China Town was the place to be. As my friend and I walked to our seats at Dumpling King, I glanced curiosly at every dish on every table.

Now I don't know about you, but I get the feeling people don't like you checkin' out what they're eating. Is there some social etiquette rule I don't know about? And if so, does it say, "don't stare at my food, bitch, or I'll stick my fork in your eye"? At one point I snuck a peek at a lady's dish. You should have seen the look she threw me. Some day I pull an Elaine. Some day...

Alors! Can you guess who has finally had a wash?

Thanks to the friendly chap at Aussie Pooch, I now have a smelly-clean baby with freshly clipped nails and a divine lavender scent. Mr Aussie Pooch did a fabulous job, though I think he was a bit thrown with the number of names I call her: Ash, Ashlee, belle, bella, bella bambino, bella babooshka, baba, who's-a-pretty-baba... and so on. She's a real treat. And boy did she get many x

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