Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wipe that wine from your smile

Tannin teeth, merlot mouth, red wine lips or simply pissed. Everyone’s encountered it: you drink some red wine and your mouth and teeth decide to declare it to the world.

I recently came across what sounds like a nifty little product. It’s called Wine Erase and it’s a mini towlette, designed to remove red wine stains, caused by the tannins, from your teeth and lips.

The packaging...well, honestly, it looks like a condom. But you can carry around wherever you go, which can only be a good thing.

There's even a wine emergency toolkit ($6.95). Emergency! This consists of a wine stain removal spray for clothing and three towlettes for your lips and teeth. Who knew such things existed.
You can get the Wine Erase individually for 60c or in packs of 10 ($5.00) or 25 ($10.75). That's US by the way.
Curious? Visit:
If you'd prefer to go local, check out Wine Wipes:

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