Friday, 3 February 2012


A short while ago, I went to a winery by the name of Patritti. The name sounds like a fruit, which shouldn't come as a surprise given the winery pretty much makes every wine under the sun. Not the wines that get you tipsy either...

Having said, this glass of mango bubbly is having a rather fine effect. Perhaps it's just the psychology of sipping from a flute. It's the same as sucking a nicabate outside, right?

Situated halfway between McLaren Vale and Adelaide, the Patritti vineyard is the last in metropolitan South Australia that produces grapes for wine. The man behind the operation is named Geoff, who was virtually born in the winery. He has seen the industry boom and bust at its best, and has taken big decisions to make the most of his business in the hard times.

In an attempt to overcome the pain of the high Australian dollar (which has meant trying to export wine to traditional markets like the US and UK has been, well, a bitch), Geoff has looked to non-traditional markets such as Vietnam to sell big on sparkling fruit wines and juices - a move that's paid off well.

"They love the stuff," he says of the younger Vietnamese crowd.

It's an interesting move, and one I haven't come across yet. There's always big talk of the opportunities in China and diversifying options in Australia, whether it be in fruit, nuts or tourism. And of course there is no doubting China's potential. But to hear a winery doing a mix of both - fruit wine and Asia - is, indeed, refreshing. Much like this mango trickle.

Patritti Mango Wine is made from real mango fruit pulp and a premium sparkling white wine base.
Retail price: $8.50
Or, if you're in the area, make a visit to the cellar door:
13-23 Clacton Road
Dover Gardens SA 5048

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